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November 28th, 2013 | by admin | People in Cape Town, Proud to be South African

Cape Town is famous for many attractions: its beautiful beaches (trending right now), its Mother of a mountain , itsmarvellous views . It’s no wonder that we attract some of the most well-known of the world to our shores, slopes and sands. Here are some of the fair and the famous who have visited Cape Town in the last few seasons...

Pop diva Rihanna graced the Mother City
with her spiky style. She dived into the spirit of things by meeting locals of a lesser known sort at the Two Oceans Aquarium. 


Photo credit : Image via avrilllllla

British comedian and celebrity, Eddie Izzard ,
had his sights set on a superb sunset when he tweeted his photo of Signal Hill. And that was in winter, making it easy to see why fans of the city celebrate it all year round.

Photo credit : Image via crazycomedy

Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds
like the contrast of nature and of cultures, and enjoy feeling that they’re exposed to a variety of different worlds in the same city. They were here to film No One Is Safe, which included Cape Town in its narrative. 


Photo credit : Image via drcliffordchoi

The royalty gracing our shores
isn’t only off the big screen or the stage, however. Princes William and Harry have both enjoyed time here, continuing their mother’s legacy of supporting charities.

Photo credit : Image via Vanesser III

When Baywatch creator Gregory J Bonann
came up with the 20-episode series with Baywatch writer Tai Collins, SAF3 was born, and Cape Town is its home for shooting.

One of the biggest TV series yet shot in South Africa, the series is about a special division of the Malibu Fire Department . Look out for action legend Dolph Lundgren.
Read more about the series.


Photo credit : Image via Gage Skidmore

Jeff Bridges & Katie Holmes
Meryl Streep will be here till end November shooting The Giver. Others in the all-star cast include Odeya Rush, Jeff Bridges, Katie Holmes, country-sanger Taylor Swift and True Blood actor AlexanderSkarsgård.

Photo credit : Image via Gage Skidmore

Photo credit : Image via avrilllllla

You may want to follow their lead and visit these hot spots article on top ten celebrity spots to visit in CT outlined by CapeTownMagazine:

1. The Mount Nelson Hotel and Spa

2. The Grand

3. Cafe Caprice

4. Backsberg Vineyard

5. Beluga

6. Shimansky Showroom

7. Aquila

8. The Side Show

9. Baia

10. Tiger Tiger

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