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This city has taste!

Eat out in Cape Town - collage

You want to enjoy a meal in  stylish setting with super service and a delicious menu. After our breakfasts and lunches, there is a range of incredible options for dining in Cape Town. These are our recommended restaurants:

We understand that your memories are made by your taste buds as much as by the fabulous places you stay, friendly people you meet and amazing adventures you have. We also know that there’s nothing like food to define a destination and Cape Town is a capital for entertainment, design and cuisine. We would like to introduce you to some of our very favourite spots to make memories with your mouth.

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That is, after you’ve enjoyed breakfast and lunch with us. Our own chef and kitchen team spend endless hours crafting goodies that will make your mouth water from Berlin to Bo Kaap.  Ask for it in your room if you’re very attached to your view! For other culinary delights, read on.

Eat out in Cape Town 2

We think great food, beautiful views, a warm atmosphere and a certain style are a great combination for any dining experience. These restaurants and eateries will not disappoint. We’ve grouped them according to their proximity to our little piece of paradise: just around the corner, just along the ocean, just over the hill, the world famous Waterfront and a little out of town (but well worth it). Read on!


The Bungalow, Clifton

A stylish but casual setting, this eatery has an attractive setting that caters to hungry, happy people who love the ocean and fine dining in the same meal.

Eat out in Cape Town - Bungalow


Set in the slopes that overlook Camps Bay and Ocean View House, this respected establishment makes the most of its location in the Glen of Cape Town. Enjoy European cuisine and a wonderful atmosphere that touches on the nostalgic without being sentimental.

Eat out in Cape Town - Roundhouse





Feel the rhythm of the colourful continent and play a djembe drum before your meal. Gold serves authentic Cape Malay and African Cuisine with a flair. You’ll learn about each dish and its origin and come away satisfied that you have indeed tasted Africa.

Eat out in Cape Town - Gold


Pepénero, Mouille Point

If sensual is your style, make Pepénero your dinner destination.  Its name means “black pepper” and it’s a certainly a spicy experience. The colourful interior and fabulous views go well with delicious sushi, tasty pasta and fresh seafood.


Marco’s African place

Bo Kaap is a beautiful city suburb on the slopes of Signal Hill. At Marco’s African Place you can experience African culture, Cape cuisine and vibrant live music under one roof. Leave your inhibitions at the door and get on the dance floor – there’s no better way to build up an appetite for Zwelethu’s Chicken or Zube’s Pumpkin Soup.


Eat out in Cape Town - Quaye Four


Quay 4 Upstairs

Right on the harbour, close enough to enjoy the visitors with fins and feathers as well as those with feet and fingers, Cape Town’s famous Quay Four awaits. It has been around for a long time and knows how to show its patrons a good time.  You’ll find elegance and service are both high on its list of priorities, and its high quality seafood and meat dishes are made with care.  Enjoy the fresh sea air and dine in style.

Eat out in Cape Town - Baia



Classical meets contemporary in this quality eatery. Baia has been open since 2001, and its name is pronounced “Ba-hia”, meaning The Bay.  One glance and you’ll understand – its incredible panoramic views of the harbour and ocean are world class. The cuisine is superb with a focus on seafood. Their rare wine collection will impress you, too.


As good looking as the city it sits in, Sevruga is a design statement as well as a fine dining experience. The staff will look after you with ease and alertness, the view will delight you with scope and beauty, and the food will satisfy your testiest taste buds. Rest up in fabulous chairs, enjoy the terrace and treat yourself.


 Test Kitchen

So popular, we advise you book 2 to 3 months in advance, The Test Kitchen is an award-winning eatery with an open plan layout that lets you see the work in progress. It’s nestled in Woodstock, a developing area with much character and change to behold, and its interiors are a wonderful mix of chic, honest and modern. Haute cuisine in a comfortably stylish environment? The Test Kitchen means incredible meals and wonderful memories in the making!

Eat out in Cape Town - Test Kitchen


The Pot Luck Club


Be inspired by the open plan kitchen and bar and milled steel table tops at this desirable dinner venue.  Relaxed but sophisticated, its dishes will astound you with their beauty as well as their taste. Chef Luke Dale-Roberts has successfully taken this 3, 5 year old restaurant to the top of the ‘ones to watch’ list; making it the ‘best in Africa’.  For a creative and innovative dining experience, try your pot luck!

La Colombe

This is one in a thousand. “The freshest seasonal produce, uncomplicated clean flavours and classical elegance” make this experience worth the trip. Take the Hout Bay route for a scenic, slow drive with lots to look at.  The restaurant has won numerous awards for its food. The setting, a wine farm in Constantia, is also prizes-worthy. Stunning surroundings, beautiful interiors, smart but never stuffy: that is La Colombe. Create some memories with top class food in a world class restaurant.


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