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Fancy being face-to-face with a shark? Everwondered what a starfish feels like when it’s in the water, bending about? These and other adventures are yours for the taking at Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town. What’s really useful in a city known for four seasons in one day is the indoor venue is an all-weather experience, too!


Meet a penguin
Those clever birds who live beneath and above the waves are just waiting to make your day. You can meet rockhopper penguins Roxy, Hopper and Bubbles in person, and figure out who’s with bird trainer, Hayley, there to help you.

See the action
Feeding times are an excellent time to visit, as the tanks come to life. Try to align your visit with these slots:
I&J Predator Exhibit :Daily at 15h00
Sharks:Sundays at 15h00
Ocean Basket Kelp Forest Exhibit :Wednesdays and Saturdays at 12h00
River Meander Exhibit :African penguins daily at 11h45 and 14h30
AfriSam Children's Play Centre :Rockhopper penguins daily at 11h30

Feel it for yourself!(literally)
The dedicated touch pool will bring you into close contact with amazing sea creatures. Close your eyes if you’re shy – you’ll soon make friends. Find out more here.

An underwater Cape forest
The kelp forest is famous for its tranquil views that make it easy to understand why mermaids call us into the ocean. Feast your eyes on a rarely seen world of ‘trees’ that wave in the watery ‘breeze’.Curious? Have a look who you’ll meet!

Dive in!
If you’re older than 12 (we had to say it!) and a have a legitimate Dive card, you can dive with sharks!


As an educational entertainment centre, the Aquarium understands its responsibility towards our previosu recourses. It is dedicated to building a greener blue future for all. Here’s their manifesto.


We’re holding a competition to take you and a friend to see the sights that meet at Two Oceans Aquarium. Give a little thought to who would be your Big five beneath the sea might be, tell us here and you could be on your way to making a whole lot of unforgettable new friends, with and without gills, tentacles and frills!

To help you along, here are our big five at Two Oceans Aquarium :

The ragged-tooth shark
- we love this cousin of the great white for its calm, unconfused movements. They can gulp mouthfuls of air to help them float without expending excess energy.
The Clown Triggerfish
- which is a popular fish for home aquariums, and likes to be hand fed with a bit of practise. Just watch out for its strong teeth!
The Honeycomb Moray eel
- likes to swim around in wrecks and is one of the largest moray eels. A friendly fellow, he gets on with Angelfish, Scorpionfish and Lionfish. Like we said, big five beneath the sea!
The Green sea turtle
- tends to migrate over large distances between feeding and hatching beaches. It is endangered and is protected by law in many countries.
The Zebra eel
- is also a moray eel. It can grow up to 1.5metres (4.9feet) and is a fussy eater compared to its cousins, enjoying crustaceans, sea urchins and molluscs almost exclusively.

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