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June 19th, 2013 | by admin | Our House, Proud to be South African

Ocean View Guest House recently visited the Kraaifontein Drop-Off Recycling Facility in Cape Town to learn more about reclaiming and processing used materials for reuse. Come behind the scenes to see how Ocean View Guest House is going greener with waste management.

The hope was that the visit would encourage a greater understanding of the bigger picture, as the manager, Katrin Ludik, explains. “I feel that recycling is everybody’s responsibility as all of us get confronted several times a day with the question, ‘which bin does this trash go to now? Recycling or the landfill?’ I wanted the team to see how much waste is generated on a daily basis to enable them to be more aware and sensitive to what they buy, throw away and how they dispose of it.”

The team was treated to an insightful tour of the facility, and learnt about various aspects of the recycling process.

The new knowledge of E waste had a practical influence on Ocean View Guest House’s processes. Katrin continues “We realized that all waste gets sorted by hand and that we can make the life of the staff at the sorting facility easier by pre-sorting paper, glass and cans and ensuring the sorted waste is clean, by rinsing yoghurt containers, for example.”

The visit also made an impression on individuals. “Everybody at Ocean View Guest House is more aware, and does their bit,” says Katrin. “We have improved the way we dispose of bathroom waste by introducing sanitary bags in the bathrooms.”

Her feelings on recycling are strong. “I absolutely think that it is a non-negotiable subject. We all need to be more conscious of what we buy and how we dispose of it, for example globes, ink cartridges and batteries. Not only do we contribute to a better environment but hopefully staff will also take this practice and awareness home and teach their family and children.”

John Kieser, environmental manager at the Kraaifontein Drop-Off Recycling Facility is positive about the development process. His message to businesses going greener is that “it is not perfect but it is growing and we all need to support it so that it can be more and more successful.” He stresses that businesses can help build a more positive, involved attitude towards recycling that supports the environment as well as its people. “Our country is going through growing economic hardships with unemployment being a major problem. Recycling assists in creating jobs.”

The big question is, can recycling in Cape Town become sustainable if we all pitch in (individuals, communities and businesses)? “Yes,” says John. “Government, especially local government, is looking for pointers on what voters want. The need for recycling is one of those pointers and government has reacted and now we need to support the people employed in a field bringing more environmentally conscious values to bureaucracy. Also if we play part of the recycling wave, we establish it as natural and not just as something that ‘green people’ do.”

John was very pleased with the visit by Ocean View Guest House and confides, “I was humbled by the fact that, in an area where we sometimes feel alone, there are many people who want to make a change for a better tomorrow.” Ocean View House is proud to be part of the process and if you choose to stay with us, we are proud to say that you are as well!

Your efforts make a difference! Katrin asks that you kindly consider the environment and return activity brochures when you’re finished with them. “We so often find loads of unused brochures in the bin, which could have gone back on the shelf,” notes Katrin.
Here are a few other ways we are going greener :

  • We’ve installed an owl house to encourage a more balanced eco system
  • We compost our organic matter
  • Ocean View Guest House is a member of Responsible Tourism Cape Town

Come stay with us and make a difference!

Find out more about Kraaifontein Recycling Centre

Inside-Stairway-1The Ocean View Guest House team finds out how recycling fits into living more sustainably from environmental manager John Kieser.

Inside-Stairway-2Environmental manager John Kieser describes the different kinds of plastic to the Ocean View Guest House team.

Inside-Stairway-3Ocean View Guest House Duty Manager Werner Schleuder demonstrates the scale of the facility's efforts.

Inside-Stairway-4Ocean View Guest House staff was proud to be part of an eye-opening exercise in reusing, recycling and rethinking our waste.

From left to right :
Johanna (Housekeeper); Laurencio (Chef); Sune (Duty Manager); Werner (Duty Manager); Katrin (General Manager); Edwina (Housekeeper); Fam (Gardner); Mandisa (Housekeeper); Maureen (Housekeeper); Lawrence (Gardner)

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