Wonderful Winter in Cape Town

June 19th, 2013 | by admin | Our House, Proud to be South African

Winter in Cape Town is wonderful especially if you’re spending it at our guest house. Of course, “wonderful” is relative; 22 degrees C in Berlin is wonderfully warm while 22 degrees C in Cape Town is wonderfully cool. It’s also cool in a non-thermal way. Click on the highlighted text in this blog post to see Why Cape Town is cool in winter.

Winter in Cape Town is mild compared to winter in Europe? Temperatures average a maximum of 18.0 °C (64 °F) and minimum of 8.5 °C (47 °F).Winter in Cape Town is often surprising. We have bursts of sunny days that sometimes get as warm as summer, and bursts of fresh clean rains that end as quickly as they began. Newlands forest loves both and its walkers, hikers and dogs love it, too.

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Winter in Cape Town is green - with lush growth in response to the rain bursts, and beautiful contrasts between ocean and mountain. Take a walk in Deer Park with a pair of gumboots (galoshes) and an umbrella or raincoat, and you’ll discover a world of glistening life and gushing rivers.

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Winter in Cape Town is full of flowers - if you know where to look! Our indigenous ‘aandbossie’ (Gnidia Squarrosa) puts forth gorgeous buds that release their scent at night. Our aloes say hello with flames of colour against the verdant greens.Visit Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden for a wealth of indigenous plants!

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Winter in Cape Town is a Whale of a time – quite literally. Our gentle friends, the Southern Right whales, return to our shores to breed and you can often see their tails and spouts from the shore at Ocean View Guest House.

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Winter in Cape Town is a very busy time in the city. Nightlife is second-to-none with bars, live music and a seat by the fire.
But local festivals take centre stage:
June Wacky Wine Fest
June Vodacom Funny Fest
June Wine route
August Clanwilliam Wild Flower Fest
August Gravity Adventure Fest
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Winter in Cape Town is wet, wet, wet, and we’re talking water, not rain (the rainfall is moderate in this town). Water sports go wild from June to August, with surfing and kite surfing being firm favourites.  Have a look here and also here.
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Winter in Cape Town is tasty, with some amazing places to eat, drink and get cosy.
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Winter in Cape Town is fashionable.

We love to walk tall in this town, and the season offers us a chance to get creative with layers and fill the streets with our own bright colours.
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Winter in Cape Town is theatrical, darling. Visit The Theatre on The Bay, Fugard, Magnet Theatre and more for a dose of live acting, dancing and storytelling. Baxter Theatre in the southern suburbs is one of our favourites.

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Winter in Cape Town is artistic. Head out to a good art gallery and grab a gourmet coffee while you’re at it.
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Winter in Cape Town is dramatic.  Pop over to Kalk bay to watch the wild, winter waves breaking over the harbour wall at a safe distance, have fish and chips in Hout Bay with a dramatic view of the open ocean, enjoy a drink at Polana while waves break at your feet behind glass. You can also take a trip to the Cape Point nature reserve to see two oceans in one day!Photo credit : http://www.flickr.com/photos/foolstopzanet/435527766/

Winter in Cape Town is for the birds, and for you to watch them. Bird watching is a relaxing pastime that can take place from a dry, comfy spot in your car.
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Winter in Cape Town is sometimes snowy!

But only in a small area and only for a short time. Keep an eye on the weather forecasts, and make your way out ahead of the crowds to make a snowman in Ceres first! We’d love to see your photos on our Facebook wall !
Photo credit : http://www.flickr.com/photos/mkdooley/5469415039/

What do you think?  Can we safely say that winter in Cape Town is WONDERFUL? See for yourself what’s wow in the Mother City between now and Spring and let us know!  Come and stay with us – see our WINTER SPECIAL for 2013 –  if  you stay 4 nights, you pay for 3 only.

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