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Whale Watching

End of July the whale-watching season starts. Up until November the big mammals can be witnessed along Cape Town’s coastal line. There are certain spots where the chances of getting close up views are best, and Hermanus at Walker Bay, approximately 90 km from Cape Town and formerly well known as a town for whaling, is considered to be one of the most popular one’s. The protrude cliffs offer ideal conditions on getting unique views. A romantic little path along the coastline leads walkers for about 15 km across the famous fynbos vegetation and unique rock formations.

In August and September the whales approach the beaches in order to give birth, and the 6-meter tall baby whales can also be watched. Whales either swim by themselves or by group formations of up to 50 couples. In Hermanus you find the opportunity of booking a boat trip for getting even closer looks on the giants of the sea – but there is still a 300 meter limit on the distance in order to safety reasons.