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Cape Town high and dry? Not yet if we can help it!

We all need to start saving water, no matter where we are, who we are or where we come from, water concerns us all. We may still have a few rainy days in Cape Town but probably not enough to get the dams up to last year’s levels.

37.8% may seem ok to some but the last 10% cannot be used, that only leaves 27.8%. Additionally, this time of year Cape Town receives more visitors, which is great of course however it does put even more pressure on the water levels.


Everyone must do their bit:

  • Fill a glass to brush your teeth…NEVER leave the tap running!
  • Shorten your shower time, Turn Off the tap while you lather up
  • COLLECT excess shower water to flush.
  • REDUCE the number of toilet flushes where possible and use the short flush button where fitted.
  • FILL the dishwasher if you have one it uses less water than washing up by hand!

So with a little extra effort, we can all save a little extra water.

Let’s all do our bit – it will be worth it

Learn more Water-Saving Tips for Your December Holiday in Cape Town, from and for any other questions, feel free to contact us.

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