Cape Town’s heartbeat

Cape Town is home to some iconic sporting events

With some of the world’s best weather and most beautiful terrain, Cape Town is home to some iconic sporting events. The Cape Cycle tour is the largest timed cycling event in the world and every March almost 25,000 people pedal 110km around the Peninsula on every manner of bicycle, along with the occasional unicycle.

Perhaps you’d prefer your action a little closer to the ground in running shoes? Cape Town offers a distance and a race for everyone: find a park run every Saturday morning at various spots around the city, or try something a tad more competitive and jump into one of the 10km or 21.1km races that are run across town on Sundays.

Cape Town is a sports lovers’ dream. You can join a yoga class on the beach or get your strength workout done in the company of like-minded beasts at any of the Crossfit boxes in town. For those amongst us who prefer to watch instead of participating, a trip to watch a uniquely South African game of rugby at Newlands is in order, or swing by the impressive Cape Town stadium and watch a game of soccer with 50,000 raucous fans alongside you.

Sport is part of the fabric of life in this city and you can weave your own strand in on this once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

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