At Ocean View House we have a deep love for the world around us and especially for our city: aptly named ‘The Fairest Cape’ since the 16th century, we are constantly reminded of how lucky we are to live here and to call this beautiful and dramatic place home.

Against this backdrop, and with a deep sense of concern for the responsible stewardship of our natural and cultural heritage, in September 2011 we became one of 19 founding members in the Pilot Project for Responsible Tourism, sponsored by the City of Cape Town.. By signing the Responsible Tourism Charter, we have declared our commitment to supporting the protection and enhancement of the natural, social and economic environments in which we operate.

In a practical sense, our commitment to the environment is evident from such innovations as water-saving showerheads and basin mixers; and all our minibar fridges have been replaced with A+ energy-saving fridges, and all areas are lit by energy-saving bulbs.

Our garden is ‘waterwise’ with indigenous plants throughout and we have installed timers on our pool and koi pond pumps. We sort, weigh and recycle all the waste on site, while all organic waste goes into the compost and garden. Ocean View House is as much a part of the environment as the mountains and oceans that surround it. With determination and dedication, we aim to keep our impact on this beautiful country down to the barest of touches while enjoying all the Cape has to offer.

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To live in harmony with our environment and with each other, through mutual respect and sensitive awareness of the needs of others and the fragile balance of nature.

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In 2011, we embarked on our journey of awareness, education and action to become a responsible citizen of this beloved city, country and planet that is our home.

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By sharing with locals the immense benefits of tourism and promoting a greater understanding of fair business practices. Responsible Tourism is about putting back into travel.

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It is the only Biosphere run by ELECTED VOLUNTEERS. It is an excellent venue for shore-based WHALE WATCHING and the HUB OF THE PELAGIC FISHING INDUSTRY, based in Saldanha.