Try one of these top 10 eco-friendly restaurants in Cape Town.

Across the world, more and more people are entering a lifestyle called “green living”. This includes recycling, being vegetarian or vegan, or perhaps eating seasonal or organic foods. With the awakening of being earth conscious, many people are also looking toward doing businesses with like-minded people. We are proud of these eco-friendly restaurants!

  1. Tea in the Park – Green Point Park.

This biodiversity showcase garden was first introduced when the 2010 FIFA World Cup was announced. The city wanted to have a green space for tourists and the community to come to see the indigenous plant life that Cape Town has to offer. Tea in the Park gives you the opportunity to sip on your favourite tea while being immersed in a beautiful garden. Being the first of its kind, the garden is grown in 100% organic compost and features over 300 plants indigenous to the Cape. The garden also serves as an education front for demonstrating environmentally responsible gardening and horticultural techniques.

  1. Seabreeze Fish & Shell – Bree Street.

Seabreeze’s approach to being sustainable and eco-friendly is surely making an impact. They source seafood locally. Also, they work with suppliers and communities that care about the greater good of the ocean. At Seabreeze, you dine in a fabulous setting, with simple yet deliciously fresh dishes with beautiful presentation. The restaurant is closed on Sundays and open every other day of the week from noon.

  1. Societi Bistro  – Gardens

Welcome to Societi Bistro, where the restaurant is filled with positivity and love. It’s an Italian/French incarnation and a ‘local’ in the neighbourhood. Located in an old Georgian house, remoulded by the owners and offering a home away from home. It’s a cosy place with a relaxed atmosphere. Societi Bistro prepares the finest, locally-sourced, and organic ingredients for their dishes. The cold chain is kept for all meats, fish, and seafood, with the exception of their prawns that comes all the way from the north Indian Ocean. With the focus on sustainability, everything prepared in their kitchen is made with fresh local produce from Cape Town.

  1. The Greenhouse Restaurant – The Cellars-Hohenort Hotel in Constantia

The Greenhouse Restaurant simply does one thing: they cherish the beauty that South Africa has to offer and turn it into food, drinks, and the overall dining experience. Owners Peter and Ashley look at every angle of beauty and turn it into something magical. The Greenhouse Restaurant takes a new approach to being eco-friendly. Every dish served is born from the “complex, joyful and beautiful” characteristics of our beautiful country. Dessert is served with a reminder of the circle of life by adding wooden elements from different trees. You’re sure to find great food and a great atmosphere where the beauty of South Africa is sustained.

  1. Starlings Café

Starlings Café, also known as ‘the café hidden by the hedge’ brings food and drinks to your table that are made with fresh local ingredients. Starlings Café was once featured in a documentary by filmmakers Daniel & Mirra Klien where they show off the café and put it on an international level. Besides being featured in a documentary, Starlings Café also has one of the best marmalades in the city. With one customer saying that it could win the coveted Marmalade Award presented by Dalemain. If you find Sterlings Café behind the hedge, you are in for a sweet treat.

  1. Wild Peacock 

Wild Peacock is a family owned business operated by mother and son Sue and Ross Baker. It was created because of their taste for fine food, but also fine dining. Each ingredient is sourced directly in the community and the partners that they work with share the same mission: everything must be sustainable. Wild Peacock also strives in providing exceptional customer service and building relationships that will last a lifetime. The Wild Peacock Emporium first opened its doors in 2013 in Stellenbosch and won the Eat Out Produce Award for the most outstanding outlet. Besides the restaurant, they also operate as a quality retailer.

  1. Vredenhof Organic Estate

Welcome to the farm where over 100 different fruit, vegetables, and herbs are organically grown. Vredenhof Organic Estate is one of the few organic farms where you can buy and eat fresh organic produce. ‘Fresh’ is literally fresh, meaning it’s been harvested just a couple of hours before being served or sold. Vredenhof provides good nutrition, good health, and happy times. Their menu does not include food or drink they consider being unhealthy.

  1. The Pool Room at Oak Valley

Enjoy the African heat at The Pool Room at Oak Valley. The Pool Room is a sustainable restaurant and Bar located at The Oak Valley Estate. They specialize in free-range grass-fed beef, acorn-fed pork, charcuterie, naturally grown vegetables and freshly baked artisanal bread from their wood-burning oven. Oak Valley sources ingredients like honey, cheese, and herbs from local producers. They also offer wine tasting at the Oak Valley Estate, overlooking the countryside, which will be the highlight of your day.

  1. El Burro

You’ll find El Burro serving authentic Mexican dishes in Green Point, Newlands, and Tamboerskloof. They started using alternative energy sources during load shedding and continues to focus on sustainability and recycling. They have applied around 60% LED lights in their restaurants and implementing other changes to cut back on their electricity usage. Their future plans include changing the geysers to heat pumps and moving small appliances and lighting to solar.


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