Enjoy a colourful experience of Cape Town this December.

If South Africa is the ‘Rainbow Nation’ then Cape Town must surely be the Rainbow City. Colour is everywhere. A sparkling blue ocean dotted with white wisps. Sandy yellow beaches decorated with bright umbrellas. The bright red tour buses which wind their way around this amazing city.

Jacaranda trees pop up in a blaze of purple offering shade on the hottest of days. They are deemed alien trees which need vast amounts of water to thrive. As a result, new trees cannot be planted, we must enjoy the ones which have survived.

Nature blooms in the various National Parks which fill with a variety of different proteas – South Africa’s national flower, the King Protea is plentiful and a firm favourite for wonderful flower arrangements in hotels and restaurants at this time of the year. To experience the full floral kingdom visit Cape Town’s very own Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. There you will find a yellow Strelitzia Regina. They are normally orange but this one was specially created for Nelson Mandela and is known as Mandela’s Gold.

Surely everyone has seen a postcard of the beach huts in Muizenberg. Each individual little changing hut has a different coloured door and or roof. Add this to the surfboards, patterned beach towels, sun-bathers attire and even the different scoops of ice cream on offer and your rainbow beach experience is complete. Well almost, just wait until the sun goes down and the sky changes from bright blue swallowing the golden yellow sun and then lights up the remaining clouds in hues of salmon pink and burnt orange.  The very best place to view this ocean spectacle is of course from Camps Bay.

Nowhere in Cape Town are the houses so beautifully decorated in all the colours of the rainbow as in the central Bo Kaap area. This time of year the Cape Town Minstrals are out and about preparing for their Kaapse Klopse on 2nd January.  A traditional carnival parade of different Minstral groups that wind their way through the city. Straight to the cheers and laughter of residents and visitors alike.   Not only are the costumes, hats and decorative umbrellas a multi-coloured spectacle, the happy painted faces, singing and playing musical instruments as they dance through the streets makes a wonderful start to everyone’s new year.

Experience the colour and flavour of the inner city on our Bo Kaap cooking experience tour. Then, what better way to end the day than to return to Ocean View House and relax while soaking up the views from the beautiful Milkwood Suite. Contact us to inquire about availability.


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