Every 2nd January Kaapse Klopse takes over the streets of Cape Town

If you’re in Cape Town around January 2nd you’d better get your camera ready! Every year the vibrant Cape-Malay community sets out to celebrate its rich cultural heritage in a feast of colour and musical energy.

Originally the festival was a celebration granted to the slave population on their annual day “off’. Although, in the past it has been banned and the original route from Bo-Kaap to Green Point Stadium discontinued a few times, the guardians’ of this happy day fought on. In 2012 the city officially granted permission for the festival to remain an annual event in the Cape Town calendar.

Each group that enters into the festival tells a unique and colourful story of proud community heritage. Spurred on by various categories to win, such as the ‘Champions of Champions’ award, competition between groups is fierce. The final result on the day is a year of secretive practice and preparation!

So, if you’re in Cape Town on January 2nd you’ll have plenty of colourful memories to keep. From glimmering costumes to happy painted faces all dancing to the beat of their own groups. This historical day of freedom is now a treasure-filled day celebrated by all.

Bring your walking shoes and come join in this spectacle of fun!

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