Flight prices upsetting you? Don’t let them ruin your holiday!

A lot goes into planning a holiday including the must-have list that entails sight-seeing, exploring, and so much more. One thing that could dampen, or even ruin a holiday is the high flight prices to your desired location. Don’t let the airfare upset your holiday! Ocean View House shares a hidden gem when booking for your next holiday accommodation in Cape Town.

The summer season in Cape Town is like no other: warm weather, beaches packed with holidaymakers, and the air filled with fun. The Mother City offers the dazzling nightlife expected from a world-class metropolitan city, the wondrous awe of nature, wineries and so much more. Peak season in Cape Town is the height of festivities and celebrations.

Due to the popularity of Cape Town as a holiday destination, you might have felt your holiday dreams shattered when you wanted to book your air flight tickets. Knowing when to book during the summer season can bring your dreams back on track in almost no time.

Ocean View House would love to see you experience Cape Town during the summer season. The secret is to book your flight ticket and accommodation during the beginning or end of the summer season.

Cape Town booking secret dates for the best flight prices:

1 to 15 December 2018
10 to 31 January 2019

Booking now is essential to secure your reservation to one of the finest accommodations in Cape Town. When you are a guest at Ocean View House you will have spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, or you can have a relaxing morning in the garden next to the ancient milkwood trees. Spend your holiday with Ocean View House and have a spectacular getaway in the Cape.

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