Flock to World of Birds Wildlife Park in Hout Bay for a symphony of sound and colour from over 3000 birds.

I sometimes ponder the question if a person living in the concrete jungle knows – or remembers – the daybreak sound of birds chirping and singing near the bedroom window. At these times, when I see a suburb with minimal trees, a bit of sombreness touches my heart. Sombreness for people living in places where nature became a stranger. On the other hand, I hope that those surrounded with luscious gardens appreciate and remember the salutary effect being close to nature has on us.

Visiting the largest bird park in Africa, World of Birds Wildlife Sanctuary and Monkey Park in Hout Bay, provides each visitor with an opportunity to step closer to nature. World of Birds is home to 3000 birds of over 400 species with walkthrough aviaries. No award winning garden can bring you such a spectacular bouquet of colour and sound.

It’s a visit that reminds us: nature is more than just beautiful landscapes and panoramas. Sound plays an integral part of our well-being; ask anyone who lives close to a national highway or main road. When visiting the sanctuary, find yourself a place to sit down. Close your eyes for a moment or two, and let your ears travel through the spectrum of low and high, soft and loud, fast and slow tones and rhythms. Cherish this symphony of nature.

At World of Birds, you can also view many small animals too. Remember to visit the strange looking Alligator Snapping Turtle and the Monkey Park. The sanctuary is open from 09:00 to 17:00 365 days a year.


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