Graffiti Artist Falko paints mural on Ocean View House wall to promote water conservation

Nature can teach us a thing or two. The thing is, we do not always listen!
Living in a part of the world where rainfall is seasonal should mean we are all water sensitive. But that is not necessarily the case…

Pink Elephants in Camps Bay!

Even if you are feeling the effects of the morning after the night before, No, you are not seeing things, there are really pink elephants ‘walking’ along the wall outside Ocean View House.

The painting by Cape Town artist Falko is a co-operation between Ocean View House and Cape Town Tourism and focuses the public on the message of continuing to save water.  The happy family of elephants are following their mother who is carrying a bucket of precious water.

Ocean View House, a green oasis by the sea in Backoven has its own borehole water and the lush indigenous garden plants draw their water from a mountain stream that runs through the property. Not only do the elephants feel right at home here, but the mural also adds to the stunning views of Table Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean.

For local artist Falko, graffiti is a social tool, his bold and colourful elephants are his signature but you will also find images of zebras and fish and even a swan. His favourites, however, are the beautifully drawn and painted elephants.

Falko, who signs his works Falko One, is considered the pioneer of graffiti in South Africa but his works can be found adorning walls from London to Dubai.

His iconic elephants can be seen around Cape Town from the CBD to the Cape Flats and all the way to Muizenberg and now he has this new ‘wall-canvas’ with a message to all who drive along the coast road between Camps Bay and Hout Bay.

Free for all to view, Falko’s elephants bring joy and light wherever you find them. From remote rural areas to busy city streets the murals always fit into their surroundings and offer an element of surprise and wonder. And isn’t that what art is supposed to do?

Graffiti Art for All

All over Cape Town artists have been busy creating amazing works on the sides of buildings, houses and even shacks.

Cape Town graffiti art
Left: Kasi (Breeze) Cape Town | Centre: Robin Lubbock

Skillful designs and images merge with their surroundings adding a new dimension to visual art and inspire others to find their own canvas in life.

Woodstock Street Art and Grafitti

These beautiful works of art are not hung in galleries or on private living room walls; these unique, original paintings are for everyone to enjoy and interact with.

Public Art with a Message for All

“Keep saving our precious water” we are reminded by the elephants on the wall at Ocean View House. This prime location for tourists and also Capetonians is the ideal spot to enjoy the beauty of the Atlantic scenery as the coast road winds its way below Table Mountain and the Twelve Apostles. Whether you are on foot, on a bicycle or driving past, take a break, pause to spend time with the elephants, take a selfie perhaps and remember Africa is a dry continent and we must save water.

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