Posted on Tuesday September 27, 2022

Honey, hospitality and history

Honey is one of the oldest sweeteners, with recorded use as far back as 7,000 BC. We’ve heard of jars unearthed in ancient Egyptian tombs, still packed with as much goodness as the day they were sealed. It’s probably true then that if you find a good thing, you hold onto it!

Since 1995, we’ve extended our hospitality to hundreds of guests from all over the world. Many return, holding onto the goodness of their visits to Cape Town and choosing us as their oasis by the sea.

We still have one of our original staff members and have grown from six rooms to 30, and… we keep our own apiary. This is why we understand how valuable bees and honey are for all of us. These amazing furry fliers, beating their wings over 200 times a second, will fly thousands of kilometres to make a few hundred grams of honey, and a hive can create 45 kg of honey in a year.

But it’s not just the hard work that makes their honey so sweet; it’s the diversity of pollen. The Cape Floral Kingdom is the only kingdom that falls entirely within the borders of one country.

More than 9000 species of flowering fynbos plants exist in our region (70% of which can only be found in this region alone) – making this kingdom one of the most diverse in the world. Our bees have access to this region, and so do all our guests.

Whilst honouring our history is important to us, evolving and moving forward are quintessential to a fulfilling experience of relaxing, luxury travel to Cape Town. Apart from our new breakfast room, lounge, and second pool, returning guests always experience something new when sojourning in our beautiful city.

We’re also happy to announce that Chef Laurencio has returned to work with our team after being away for four years, and we have a new duty manager starting soon to add to the professionalism and passion of our growing staff complement.

Just like our bees, our team works well together. We love having regular “family braais” where we include our guests, and many have become close friends.

We look forward to hosting you soon!


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