Escape the winter weather in Europe to the summer of Cape Town. Book an Ocean View room now!

There is no reason for the winter months to get you down this year. At least, not with OVH around. Spend a few nights in a room of your choice and let us show you a warm Cape Town winter.


Winter can really get you down. Thick coats, colourful scarves and gloves all put a brave face on it, but be honest, doesn’t the cold just get you down?

Back at work after the holiday break that was all too short. Dark mornings that never really seem to brighten up and before you know it, it is dark again. What happened to the day?  No wonder people are miserable in winter, more likely to catch a cold and more likely to be in a bad mood, at least for many it seems that way.

Package holiday offers, fill the television screens can you really wait until July or August for your next summer holiday?  “Can I last that long?” You are asking yourself.

Then a tanned and upbeat friend returns from a trip to Cape Town and you really feel left out in the cold!


The birds know a thing or two about following the sun, they all flew south a long time ago. Perhaps it’s time to spread your own wings. Why not turn your back on the chill and winter clothes and explore a warmer climate.

There are a number of direct flights to Cape Town from Europe or fly via one of the international hubs and arrive in a city full of natural sunlight and wonder. Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain stands proudly above this amazing city and the beaches of the Atlantic seaboard spread their arms wide in welcome. You will feel uplifted the moment you land and the only ‘Blue’ you’ll be seeing is that of the sea and the sky.


Cape Town is famous for its hospitality and the friendly locals are eager to assist and show you around their very own ‘Mother City’ as Cape Town is known.

Nestled in one of the most beautiful corners of Africa between the famous mountain and the sea lies Ocean View House, with sun-drenched balconies and gardens and as the name suggests, views to dream of.

True South African hospitality matched with European efficiency is what keeps guests returning time and again to Ocean View House. As soon as you enter the well-tended grounds of this Oasis by the Sea you will marvel at the beauty of the location and the views spread out before you.

Each room tastefully decorated and fully equipped boasts a balcony/ terrace or even a small private garden and every room has its own special view. Enjoy a sundowner in the privacy of your own room or take a walk to nearby Camps Bay and soak up the sun’s last rays as they sink into the Atlantic leaving streaks of colour across the sky.


Ocean View House even offers a private tour service with an experienced guide and a well-equipped vehicle. There are a number of different tours available or together with friends, you can also put your own private tour together. Visit the African Penguins at the coast or take a trip to a Game farm to see the big five or marvel at the scenery as you drive along the coast road and view from high above beautiful stretches of sandy beaches.


Some of the best beaches in the world are on the Atlantic coast of Cape Town. True the water is bracingly cool but a quick dip and a paddle are all that is needed to break up a day of serious sunbathing. Check out Camps Bay Beach with its line of great restaurants, coffee shops and bars. Volley Ball games on the beach and even massage tents are available if you don’t mind a bit of sand in your clothes. Buskers will sell you cold drinks and ice creams as you relax and work on your suntan. Remember sunscreen is a must even if there is a breeze the UV level can be high.


Take a break from seeing the sights and book a massage or a facial at the Relax Spa at Ocean View House. Tired and taught muscles will be gently revived or given a good workout. Facial masks and hydrating treatments boost your skin’s natural glow and help to preserve that enviable tan.

All in all your holiday to the Cape will leave you refreshed, revitalised and ready to face the weather back home. Winter Blues all blown away and after all, Spring is on its way.

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