Plan to Stay a Little Longer in Cape Town. It’s Worth it!

Plan a nice long stay in Cape Town. Once you’re there you’ll want to stay longer anyway, so you might as well.

Plan your perfect Cape Town Stay.

With everything Cape Town and the Western Cape has to offer, you will need to plan your time. How much easier if you don’t have to pack and unpack your suitcases! Book a longer stay, relax in the knowledge that you are ‘returning home’ after each days’ adventure and enjoy yourselves in familiar surroundings.

See the sights at your leisure.

Longer stays allow you to plan your activities to suit your mood and give you the flexibility of being able to get bookings at restaurants, theatres or popular tourist spots to match your schedule. How often have visitors been disappointed that they could not visit Table Mountain due to high winds or heavy cloud-cover? Of course the day they leave the cloud lifts. Or the Robben Island Ferry fully booked until their departure date. Murphy’s law as they say!

Book the table of your choice.

Top restaurants in Cape Town and there are a good few, tend to get booked up early. Another good reason to plan ahead and build in flexibility by staying in one place for longer. Waiting lists are unlikely to yield a table in the busy season.

Relax and Unwind.

Isn’t that what holiday is all about? Packing too much into too little time can leave you needing a holiday instead of enjoying one. Take time to relax, soak up some sun, read that bestseller or just enjoy quality time for yourself and your loved ones can make the difference between a good holiday and a great one. Of course, the location of your stay plays a huge role here and what better place could we suggest than Ocean View House. Your Oasis By The Sea.

With so much to do in Cape Town, can you really afford not to book a nice long stay in the Mother City? Get right on it and contact us about your Ocean View House room.

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