Rent a bicycle and enjoy an entertaining afternoon

We want our guests to leave with incredible lasting memories. For that reason we take pleasure in recommending fun-filled activities for our guests to do during their stay with us.

Though the technological age may have gotten the better of us in recent years, most of us adults remember our childhoods consisting of playing outside in the sand or perhaps riding your bike with your friends.

We see an increasing amount of children hooked on their mobile devices as opposed to interacting with their surroundings, even while on vacation!

And what better way to get your child off the web and out in the sun, than on a bicycle? We recommend heading to the Pavilion in Sea Point where you will be able to rent bicycles, including bicycles for children from UP Cycles. Once you have hopped on, you and your loved ones will be able to take a leisurely ±5km ride along the promenade beside the sea, with breath-taking views of the surrounding ocean and mountains.

We are also able to arrange electric bicycles (e-bikes) for rental during your stay but please note that it is only recommended for children over the age of 10 years. Alternatively for smaller parties, Ocean View House has two of its own bicycles available for rental as well. So whether you are staying with us alone or bringing the whole family, we recommend a memorable trip out in the sun exploring the mother city on two wheels!