Visit Robben Island and learn more about this rich cornerstone of South Africa’s history.

With all the technology available today, the South African youth are easily distracted by flashing lights on a mobile or TV screen. Many have little to no knowledge about South Africa’s rich history. Of its stalwarts, who fought for the freedom we as South Africans enjoy today. Of Robben Island.

How does one grab the attention of our quick pasted digital generation and get them outside for a little more? A brisk feel of the cold Cape Town air in their hair as a ferry carries them towards Robben Island. This is a place where many inmates were imprisoned during the Apartheid-era.

The tour guides on the island paint a picture for you of the island’s 500-year-old history. Of how it evolved into becoming a prison for many educated South Africans who were defiant against the Apartheid government. The tour concludes with a trip to Nelson Mandela’s prison cell, where people can witness first-hand where Madiba spent 18 years of his 27-year prison sentence.

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