Posted on Saturday August 19, 2023

Short Stays, Deep Connections

The delightful union of Microcations and Slow Travel

The world of travel is evolving, and as it does, it’s ushering in a beautiful fusion of trends that cater to both our need for flexibility and our desire for deeper meaning. We see this as the delightful union of Microcations and Slow Travel. While seemingly at odds, these trends perfectly encapsulate the modern traveller’s ethos: make every moment count, regardless of the journey’s length.

At first glance, Microcations—those short, frequent getaways of about a week—might seem the antithesis of Slow Travel, a philosophy that emphasizes depth and immersion during extended stays of perhaps three, four or five weeks. But dig a little deeper, and you’ll discover they share a core principle: valuing the quality of experience over sheer quantity or duration.

Imagine this: You’ve carved out a week from your busy schedule. But instead of rushing through a whirlwind of activities and sights, you take the Slow Travel approach. You immerse yourself wholly in the destination, relishing each moment, each interaction. This isn’t about how many attractions you can cram into an itinerary; it’s about diving deep into a select few experiences and letting them resonate.

Each Microcation becomes a chance to delve into the local culture, to connect, to learn. One week might be dedicated to exploring the culinary delights of a specific region. Another trip might focus on a local festival or tradition, allowing you to not only witness – but to partake and understand.

It’s this amalgamation of frequent yet focused trips that offers you a unique advantage. We get to constantly satiate our wanderlust, refresh our perspectives, and return home enriched, all without the logistical challenges of extended vacations.

For those in search of the perfect spot for such an enriching short stay, Camps Bay’s Ocean View House beckons. A week here feels like a deep dive into the tranquil embrace of the sea, the captivating tales of the mountains, and the heartbeat of Cape Town. And though the stay might be brief in the grand scope of a year, the memories created and connections forged linger on.

In essence, blending Microcations with Slow Travel is about maximizing our experiences. Whether we have a week, four weeks, or even longer, it’s a reminder that every journey’s value is determined by the depth of our engagement, not the span of our stay. It’s an invitation to embrace both the long and short of travel, and in doing so, discover the vast tapestry of experiences our world offers.


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