Posted on Thursday June 15, 2023

Spend some miles for that next milestone!

For some occasions, it’s hard to know what gifts to buy. There’s no denying that life’s significant milestones – be it landmark birthdays, anniversaries, or personal achievements – are cause for celebration. And what could be more memorable than marking these moments against the beautiful backdrop of Camps Bay at Ocean View House? Why not spend some loyalty miles and come stay with us?

Imagine waking up on your special day to the soothing sounds of the Atlantic Ocean, its waves gently breaking onto the golden sands of Camps Bay. The majestic Twelve Apostles mountain range standing guard in the background bathed in the golden glow of the morning sun. A celebratory breakfast awaits you in our lush garden, served amidst the company of your loved ones.

Over the years, we’ve noticed a growing trend: more and more people are choosing to travel for their celebrations. There’s a certain magic in stepping away from everyday life to honour these milestones, and at Ocean View House, we provide the perfect setting for this.

It’s not just about marking another year or accomplishment; it’s about creating experiences that resonate with joy, shared not only in the moment, but also in the many years to come. It’s about stories that will be retold, moments that become family memories, and laughter that echoes in memories.

That’s why our spacious accommodations are designed with your celebration in mind. They provide the comfort and intimacy needed for you to revel in the company of family and friends. Every room, every suite is a potential backdrop for a shared joke, a heartwarming toast, a new memory being born.

At Ocean View House, your tastes shape your celebration. We can organise a day filled with exhilarating activities for the adventurers, from paragliding off Lion’s Head to exploring Cape Town’s vibrant streets. If relaxation is more your style, our tranquil on-site spa is ready to offer an array of treatments, designed to rejuvenate and refresh you on your special day.

Of course, we understand the significance of these treasured moments, and we want to help you immortalise them. Our team can arrange the professional services of a private photographer, to capture the joy, the smiles, the togetherness of your celebration. Imagine your birthday party pictures against the stunning canvas of Camps Bay – a timeless, shareable memento of a milestone celebrated in style.

Every detail of your stay, each experience, is meticulously planned by our dedicated staff. From selecting the perfect birthday cake and arranging delightful surprises to booking the best table at a top Cape Town restaurant for your special dinner, we’re here to ensure your milestone celebration exceeds expectations.

Ocean View House doesn’t just provide a stunning destination for your celebration; we create a home for your memories. Here, with the setting sun painting the sky and the music of the ocean mixed with the laughter of your loved ones, you’ll know you’ve chosen the perfect place to celebrate life’s milestones.

Are you itching to book? Start planning your celebration getaway at Ocean View House today. We can’t wait to add a touch of magic to your special day!


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