Stairway to Heaven

New extension to the Ocean View House experience

In Cape Town, we’re always looking up. Whether it’s at the mountain or to the changing skies, we seem to be bending our necks to heaven a whole lot. Over at OVH, we’ve been re-imagining the views.

We’ve developed new extension to the Ocean View House experience.The new rooms are high above our front garden, with an unfettered view of the Atlantic Ocean.

This was a few months back, and Ocean View is aiming to open the new suites in December 2013. To take you there, we present the new stairs.

Hand-hewn from local stone, and keeping with the chic yet natural look familiar to Ocean View House, the stairwell was built with love from start to fabulous finish and is now a feature in itself.

The stone was left in its natural state, toned and shaped by millennial underground and the construction process was a profound one.

Each stone was carved with human strength – hands, hammer and chisel – and fitted with great thought into a tapestry of taut, unbreakable blocks.

This part is important because the stones break into shapes of their own bidding – they’re  unpredictable, but a builder with an eye knows just how to place them.

It was a challenging and creative task for Alphonse and Albert from Lesotho.

Despite having worked with stone for most of their adult lives, this labour of love still took the artisans a full year to complete.

You can see that there was no fast fix here; the work is entirely dependent on the skills and finesse of its designers and creators.

The patience paid off, and their resume has another example of fine stone masonry. Albert and Alphonse have helped Ocean View House become more itself – a sight to behold, a compliment to the natural views surrounding, and an exquisite place to call home while you’re Cape Town.

We are very proud to have them as part of the wider Ocean View House team and applaud their efforts and expertise!

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