, Ziplining, Ocean View House



Ziplining is certainly an activity for the adventurous, described as “pure adrenaline”, with thrilling speeds, beautiful views, and an all-round exhilarating experience. A two-hour drive from the Ocean View House, but definitely worth it. To zip slide in Ceres is a must do for every bucket list.

The staff at Ceres Zip Line Tours is friendly, welcoming and cheerful. The slides are secure and safe, and the sights are amazing. Wild fynbos, small mountainside pools, and the sandstone mountains themselves. Ziplining and enjoying nature – what could be better.

There are 8 different slides, with varying lengths, speeds, and heights to give a different feeling every time. The process itself is super simple: Strap on the harness, grab the handle on the line and slide! The little ones can join the fun as well, over 3 must ride with an adult. But don’t worry, each tour can accommodate one guide to go with them!

Why not make a day out of it? On the drive back, you could even make a stop at Tolhuis Bistro and have some lovely food, surrounded by happy faces and wonderful scents. Not to mention relaxing in your OVH room at the end of the day. So grab your sun hat and camera and get sliding!