Posted on Tuesday November 14, 2023

The Beating Heart of Our Hospitality

Heartwarming tales and experiences

In the gentle recess of Cape Town’s picturesque Bakoven Bay, there’s a place where hospitality goes beyond just providing a room – Ocean View House. Here, every corner has a story, every view a memory waiting to be made. But what truly makes Ocean View House stand out is not just its stunning location or its luxurious amenities; it’s the heartwarming tales and experiences shared by those who’ve passed through its doors.

The Spirit of Teamwork in Challenging Times

One such recent story that truly epitomizes the spirit of Ocean View House began on an ordinary day that quickly turned extraordinary. A fire unexpectedly broke out in our Panorama Apartments. The event could have been a disaster, but it turned into a display of incredible teamwork and resilience.

Staff members, led by the quick thinking of Lambert and his team, worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of everyone. Their dedication didn’t stop at extinguishing the flames; they were integral in the swift reopening of the apartments, making them ready to welcome guests again in just three weeks.

This episode, while challenging, highlighted the strength and unity of our team, reinforcing our commitment to providing a safe, welcoming haven for our guests.

The Legacy of Cleo and Patience

Ocean View House is also a place of growth and opportunity, a stepping stone in many of our staff members’ careers. Take, for example, Cleo and Patience, two beloved members of our team who have recently embarked on international careers. Their journey at Ocean View House, filled with learning and personal development, equipped them to take these bold new steps.

Their story is a testament to our commitment to nurturing talent and encouraging our team members to pursue their dreams, even if it means saying a heartfelt goodbye.

Celebrating Our Team’s Achievements

More recently, we celebrated the well-deserved promotion of Tendai to Head of Housekeeping. Tendai’s journey is one of dedication and hard work, reflecting our ethos of recognizing and rewarding the efforts of our team. The appointment of Isreal at the Front Desk and Sanele as Duty Manager marks the beginning of new chapters in their careers, and we’re excited to support them in their new roles. The return of Kennedy as Nightguard and Virginia in Housekeeping feels like a family reunion – each member playing a crucial role in making Ocean View House a home away from home for our guests.

These stories are just a glimpse into the life at Ocean View House. Behind every service, every meticulously prepared room, there are people with dreams, dedication, and a passion for hospitality. They are the heartbeat of Ocean View House, bringing to life the experiences that our guests cherish long after they leave.

As we look forward to welcoming you, we hope you’ll not only enjoy the beauty and comfort of our property but also feel the warmth and dedication of our incredible team, who make Ocean View House more than just a place to stay, but a place to remember.


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